Gregg Michaelsen


Hello! It’s a pleasure to meet you today, even under what feels like sad circumstances. Thank you for visiting our site today! Women across the world have benefitted from reading my books and visiting this site and my relationship site, Who Holds the Cards Now.

I am passionate about helping women like you enjoy the relationship you deserve – a happy, healthy relationship with a great man who loves and adores you.

Who am I?

I am a son, a brother, a boss, a friend, a coach, an author and a life coach. I’m the baby of the family with three older sisters. I love all animals but am especially fond of cats.

Whether you think I’m an old guy or a youngin’, you’ll find my advice to be spot on for you. Like many, I grew up in a broken home, but I learned that not all relationships end in disaster. Even after experiencing a few of my own relationship disasters, I still had hope.

So I set off on a quest to understand what keeps those couples together – the ones who celebrate 50, 60 or even 70+ years together. I interviewed them. I talked to young couples. I frequently hang out where people go to meet and talk to women to find out what’s plaguing them and what their relationship challenges are.

I began writing books for men, but I quickly realized that it was women who could use my help, so I switched gears and began writing books for women. Nearly thirty books later and hundreds of thousands of books sold, I’m still at it!

One of my greatest passions is helping women understand what happened in their breakup and guiding them toward reconciliation with their ex. This led me to spin this topic off into this website – a website specifically designed to help you get your ex back!

Kirbie Earley


What a joy it is to meet you today! I’m so happy you’ve come visit us! I know you aren’t feeling great right now, but rest assured that Gregg and I are here to help you!

By nature, I’m one of those helper types who loves to work with people to help them reach their goals. After working side-by-side with Gregg over the last seven years, I have become passionate about helping women enjoy successful relationships.

Who am I?

I am a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, artist and writer. I’m the oldest of three kids and my parents are preparing to celebrate their sixtieth anniversary in just a few short months.

I have been divorced for more than twenty-five years and have a friendly relationship with my ex, but that didn’t come immediately. We come across one another for births, weddings and other celebrations our children have and we’re able to talk and laugh about our past life together.

I have a BA in Sociology with a minor in psychology. You might say I’m a student of people. Many times, I’m the research arm behind the things you read in the blog articles and books you’ll find here and on Gregg’s other site, WhoHoldsTheCardsNow. I’m also the designer behind many of Gregg’s Etsy shop products.

When I’m not working with Gregg, I create designs for my own Etsy shop, where I create digital designs for junk journals and digital paper. Or, I’m spending time with some or all of my ever-growing family.


Our Story

Gregg began the Who Holds the Cards Now website after publishing his first book of the same name. Another seven books later, his site had grown enough to warrant an assistant and that’s when he found Kirbie.

Initially, Kirbie’s role was strictly to help with the site, but it soon became clear that Gregg and Kirbie were of one mind when it came to helping women. Gregg had the relationship expertise while Kirbie had the people knowledge and research experience.

Together, they have worked to build the Who Holds the Cards Now site into a successful resource for women who are interested in either finding a great guy or keeping the great guy they have.

They have worked together on an additional twenty-plus books, countless blog articles, workbooks, eGuides and classes, all in the name of helping women.

Seven years after beginning their working relationship, they spun off this site, We Can Get Your Ex Back to specifically target women who are in the throes of a breakup and looking to get their ex back.

Their in-depth understanding of people and relationships enables them to provide women with up-to-date, targeted advice to help mend their relationships and get their ex back.


Our Mission & Vision

We are here for you! Today, you are our only focus.

We know how awful it feels to be going through this breakup right now and we’re here to help!


Our Mission

We’re here for the sole purpose of helping you navigate a difficult time of your life. You’re feeling desperate, anxious, upset and lost and our only mission is to help you feel loved, happy and fulfilled.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help you find happiness through building your confidence and self esteem and to enable you use this confidence to build successful, happy relationships.



Loyalty to women worldwide


Developing a trusting relationship between our readers and ourselves


Provide accurate, digestible information


To make every attempt to understand the different cultural aspects of relationships around the world

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