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  • Purchase your question
  • Download instrutions
  • Ask your question


  • Your specific question
  • Targeted response


  • Submit question immediately
  • Response within 24 hours
  • Follow-up question

Expert Advice

  • 100’s of thousands of readers
  • Life coach for many years
  • Passionate about helping women

Targeted One Question Coaching

Ask One Question | Receive Targeted Response

Asking Gregg a question provides you with a much better and more effective answer than searching the internet for hours, especially since there are some harmful sites out there providing bad advice. Gregg’s coaching and books have helped many women navigate this difficult period of their lives.

You’re in distress right now and anxious for answers. You want to know how to get your ex back and you want to know now.

We’re here for you!

What Is One Question Coaching?

How Does it Work?

  1. Click the button to the left
  2. Complete your $25 transaction
  3. Download the PDF instructions you will have access to after your purchase
  4. Email Gregg as described in the PDF
  5. Receive a response, usually within 24 hours
  6. Ask your one follow-up question, if needed

Why One Question?

Often, you have a question about one specific thing, whether it’s a step in the Five Step Process to Get Him Back or a question about how you’re feeling as you navigate the process. Being able to ask just one question provides you with a targeted, quick way to get the answer you need.

Is it For Me??

You would benefit from asking a question if:

  • You want to clarify something in the Five Steps
  • You you have a specific question about your situation
  • You aren’t sure if your ex is capable of love
  • You aren’t sure if you want him back and it’s confusing to you
  • Any other aspect of your breakup

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of your question is just $25 and that includes a follow-up question.

There are no added fees or charges.

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