If you want to know how to make him regret losing you and want you back, the answer is easy:

Work on yourself.

Become a better person today than you were the day he met and fell in love with you. It’s that easy…kind of.

When you clicked to read this article, I bet that’s not what you expected to find, is it? You think making him regret the breakup involves him in some way, but it doesn’t, at least not in the way you think.

Knowing how to make him regret losing you and want you back means showing him indirectly what he’s missing out on!

Your approach has been direct. Angry texts. Sad texts. I love you texts. Begging. Pleading. Stalking him on social media, being sure to tell everyone what a terrible person he is, blah blah blah.

How’s that working for you? Since you still went on an internet search on how to make him regret losing you and want you back, I’d say it’s not working well at all, is it?

Instead of continuing your way, on the advice of other women, why not give this way a try? It’s worked for thousands of women before you.

Below are the steps you need to take to get him back.

Step 1: A Direct Hit: Send Him a Hand-Written Goodbye Letter

Don’t panic. I know what you’re thinking. Why would you send him a goodbye letter if you want him back? It’s all part of the plan! This is the only direct method of getting him back you’ll use right now.

What is this letter? It’s a very short letter that reminds your ex of one great memory you share and then says goodbye with his name at the end. Here’s a sample:

Dear John,

Since things ended so badly between us, I felt I needed to write you a quick letter, just to end things on a better note. I will always remember going apple picking with you at Lynds when we shared cider and donuts and brought home all those tasty apples!

Goodbye John,

This letter contains key elements your letter should also have:

  • It’s very short, with just a few short sentences
  • The letter contains one, and only one memory the two of you share
  • It ends with Goodbye and his name
  • The letter is hand-written
  • It is delivered through the mail, not email or text

When most guys receive this letter, it’s like a sucker punch in the gut. It hits them hard because you are now breaking up with him. He thought you would be there to go back to when his single life adventure failed.

You just told him otherwise. You took control of the breakup and turned it on its head.

how to make him regret losing you and want you back

Step 2 of How to Make Him Regret Losing You and Want You Back: Fix What Was Broken

A breakup occurs when something is broken. Your old relationship with your ex was broken and you both played a role in breaking it.

Now, it’s time for you to determine what your role was. There are several possibilities, which you can find in Step Two of the Five Steps to Get Him Back.

You will find many possibilities for what may have gone wrong, as well as some great information on what his role may have been and what he’s thinking right now. You can also discover how to assess whether he’s healthy enough for a relationship and if he’s capable of love.

Step 3 of How to Make Him Regret Losing You and Want You Back: Rebuild Your Confidence

While he’s off playing at being single and licking his wounds after the delivery of that letter, you’re working on rebuilding your confidence.

This is the real secret to getting your ex back! Great men are attracted to confident women so if your guy is a great guy, he will definitely notice and like the changes you’ll make.

To rebuild your confidence effectively, check out Step Three of the Five Steps to Get Him Back. There, you will find all the tools to become the confident, sexy woman who will attract confident men!

Some of the things you’ll be doing include:

  • Learn to become a strong, independent woman
  • Make positive changes in your life
  • Break your routine
  • Create a vision for your life
  • Write a great story of your life
  • Stop living in the past
  • Become a student, not a victim

Each of these activities helps you rebuild your confidence higher than you ever imagined! They are the keys in how to make him regret losing you and want you back!

Step 4: Maintain No Contact with Exceptions

While there are, of course, other steps in getting your ex back, the last one you’ll read about today is maintaining no contact, with exceptions.

You’ve probably read on other sites that you should implement and maintain a policy of no contact with your ex for thirty days. I beg to differ.

First, the letter you just read about breaks your no contact rule, in a way that is effective and direct. Once you send the letter, you return to no contact, until it’s time for slip in/slip out.

Slip in/Slip Out

After you’ve rebuilt your confidence a little, it’s time to mess with him, just a little, by using what I like to call slip in/slip out. This method of contact comes a week or two after the letter, usually two, and after you’re more confident.

All you do for slip in/slip out is send him a quick text that tweaks his memories of your relationship. Then you return to silence again. Your text can be something like one of these:

  • I want to wear my black sweater this weekend; can you box it up and set it on the porch? I’ll pick it up tomorrow sometime
  • Do you remember the name of that cute little pub we ate at in Ireland? We’re going there in a few weeks and I want to visit it again
  • Who was the guy at the gym who offered to give us boxing lessons? I’m thinking of adding that to my workout routine

Each of these does something similar to the letter. They provide a sucker punch because each of them indicates, in some way, that you’re out there doing things and maybe even doing them with other guys. He’s now wondering where you’re wearing that black sweater and for whom; who your travel buddy is and why you’re working out again…is it to meet that cute guy who wants to teach boxing lessons?

More importantly, they remind him of good memories you shared together.

how to make him regret losing you and want you back

How to Make Him Regret Losing You and Want You Back

When a guy breaks up, he harbors negativity toward the relationship. Every time you text him with an angry or sad text, begging him to come back or spewing your anger, you confirm those negative thoughts. That’s why it doesn’t work, that and the fact that those are low confidence moves.

These steps allow him to overcome negativity and remind him of positive memories when they’ll have the greatest impact. They’re indirect actions that make him question his decision to break up.

But he risks losing you. When he broke up, he never considered this possibility, but now he does, and he might panic. His singles life isn’t going as well as yours. He didn’t think that would happen!

This is how to make him regret losing you and want you back! He’ll notice the changes in you and regret his decision. Now he hopes it’s not too late to get back into your good graces.

Most men will come back eventually. I can’t promise a definite timeline. Some will reach out after receiving the letter, but it’s too soon to take him back then because neither of you has had time to change and grow.

Some will come back as they discover the positive changes you’re making and yet others won’t make any attempt to reconcile until after you’ve used slip in/slip out, which you can repeat every few weeks if you want.

Still other men won’t come back for months. These men run the risk of losing you, unless you’re willing to put your life on hold for that long.

The choice is yours. Many women decide their ex is a loser and don’t pursue him. Others want their guy back and wait. Either way, you know how to make him regret losing you and want you back!

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